Aarleo is your analytics partner, helping you with smarter decision-making in the retail business.
Our confidence comes from our strong retail domain expertise, built over decades of experience working with retailers worldwide.

Get these 4 Ps right, to be successful


Right Promotions

Cross-sell and Upsell based on customer preferences and purchase history


Right Products

Get your assortments right to save dead stock and inventory costs


Right Place

Choose the right store based on customer profile for products and offers


Right Price

Discount Loss leaders and value leaders by assortment, not category

Aarleo helps you make the right decisions.

Aarleo’s analytics solutions will serve as your single platform for all analytical needs.

In other words, Aarleo helps you focus on what you do best – running your business, rather than chasing data for improving your productivity and customer satisfaction score.

A unique company with 100%focus on retail and consumer industry focused, powered with AI,pre-built and ready-to-use insights, quick deployment and ROI, with self-intuitive products that require zero training for adoption.

What we offer

Aarleo offers you not just product implementation but also consulting services to help you build a culture of data-driven decision making across your organization.

We accept challenges such as managing multiple data sources and using them to provide you a single source of truth in real time, empowering your managers and your business to flourish.

We offer you the power of artificial intelligence that has been tried and tested in the retail industry and continues to get smarter through machine
learning and tutoring.

Our range of self-intuitive products provide actionable insights in just a few clicks – you need to click once to learn how!

Our self-intuitive products: