Ever changing customer’s expectations and technology in the retail world leads retailers to find the answers;

What is the change in my customer’s preferences?

How can I increase their visits to my store and increase the basket size? How can I reach out & retain my loyal customers?

What campaign that excites my customers?

I want to know what actually drives their purchase decisions?

If you are constantly challenged with these questions and more, then reach out to us. We will provide you the answers that will help you to optimize your spends, improve bottom-line and build loyalty.

Aarleo analyzes all of your data in order to understand and predict your customers’ behaviour to allow you to improve your targeting relevance and track attribution to gauge campaign performance.

What Aarleo’s Customer Insight provide you?

  • Market basket analysis – helps you identify product affinities within and across segments

  • Customer lifetime value – helps you strategically allocate your marketing funds on the basis of future lifetime value of customers

  • Propensity modeling – helps you maximize promo effectiveness by piloting customers’ likelihood to respond to promotions

  • RFM analysis – helps you rank customers basis recency, frequency and monetary value

  • Churn prediction – helps you target customers who are likely to churn, with deeper offers, to improve retention

  • Segmentation – helps you classify customers into homogenous groups based on transaction history and demographics

How does this benefit you?

  • Build customer loyalty and drive purchase behaviour

  • Improve promotion targeting to control brand switching behaviour

  • Discover underserved customer segments to improve revenue

  • Increase your store’s wallet share

  • Identify causal effects to improve channel performance and segment productivity

  • Customer loyalty and larger share of the wallet