Retail door counting technology is not new. What has changed, is the ability to measure more complex customer behaviour and gain more insightful metrics than ever before – how did they interact inside the store, how long did they stay, how often did they return!

Today, the analysis is done based on people movement data collected from a variety of sources – laser beams, cameras, thermal imaging cameras, Wifi, Bluetooth an GPS – each with its own set of benefits and problems.

We are using none of the traditional data gathering tools below:

Laser beams: can sometimes provide misleading information as they do not make provisions for shopping carts and repeat entries by the same shopper

Thermal imaging sensors : The filaments in the sensors have a limited life and are expensive to replace

Camera footfall analytics: a large number is needed if the store size is large

Bluetooth beacon (BLE) footfall analytics: customers need to be willing to download the store app or keep their Bluetooth switched on

GPS mobile location: indoor use may be limited due to network issues

What we have come up with is a solution that is a cloud-based, easy-to-use device that provides a high level of data accuracy, blended with real-time information on-the-go. Aarleo has developed the framework to customize the cloud infrastructure and connections (API) to suit your specific requirements.

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  • Time to close a sale
  • Marketing spends
  • Rich data on customers’ shopping behaviour inside the store
  • Real-time information on-the-go