Given the challenge in collating data from multiple sources, changing customer preferences and competitive activity, most retailers finds it hard to get the basic, meaningful and actionable insights on time.

Typical questions that retailers have in mind range from “What promotions should I run to clear stock, at what optimum discount will I still make a profit, and what should be the assortment mix at a given retail store?” Combine this with category performance sliced by geography and time of day, linked to employee productivity and the task is seemingly daunting.

Aarleo’s Retail Insight product extracts data gems from across the entire stack of retail business – sales, inventory, store operations, promotions, pricing, buying & merchandizing – and mines relevant actionable insights on a click of a button that help you take business decisions on time.

What Aarleo’s Retail Insight provide you?

  • Offers actionable, pre-bundled insights

  • Single view of business key metrics side by side with target, plan & historical data

  • Guided analytics to drill down to the root cause

  • Demand forecasting to optimize the inventory

  • Analytics powered with AI, ML & deep learning

  • Harness the power of data engineering for analyzing with various perspective

How does this benefit you?

  • Now you can prevent stock-out situations, keep shopped-together items close to each other, design promotions that are relevant and drive assortment-based offers for faster conversions.

  • You can now, more efficiently, put the right product in front of the right customer at the right time at the right price point.

  • Understand and leverage the most effective in-store and head office activities; prioritize highest value opportunities and activities and understand what is in your control.

  • Boost in sales, margin, operational efficiency, team’s productivity and more importantly customer satisfaction.

  • Simulate to analyze the impact of your decisions and automate the most business critical processes.

  • Save min 1000hrs/month in deriving insights from business data
  • Schedule the reports to deliver it your inbox automatically
  • Review key metrics side-by-side
  • Get alerts & exceptions to your email
  • High performance big data architecture
  • Any deep root cause analysis in few clicks of a button