Data-driven decision making – made simple

Running a retail operation either at the organization level or at the store level is fraught with stress – uncertainties in predicting footfall, guesswork (based on experience) in determining choice of SKUs, being floored by unpredictable customer preferences and consumer trends – leading to decision-making that affects the revenues.

Retaileo is a mobile application that provides you with real-time data and more importantly, actionable insights to optimize your OPEX and deliver better margins.

Here are some of the retail issues that Retaileo addresses:

  • Lack of information while on the move

  • Incomplete product information on the floor, leading to poor closure of sales

  • Timely extraction of information from existing and available data

  • Communication and collaboration between the store and HQ

  • Real-time customer feedback and analysis

What Retaileo provides retailers:

  • Real-time sales, stock and footfall visibility on mobile app – information travels with you wherever you are

  • Enables floor managers to take data-driven decisions – reduces the dependence on experience of senior floor staff

  • Best-in-class visualization for easy consumption of data – reduces ambiguity and improves response time

  • Simple scan of product provides necessary details – features, price, availability, stock location – for better counselling of customer and faster closure of sale

  • Real-time analysis of customer feedback for actionable recommendations, in order to improve CSAT

Retaileo is simple to use, has omnichannel capabilities, comes with pre-loaded content for retail and provides insights on-the-go, wherever you are. Retaileo has an in-built workflow and is also highly customizable. Its inbuilt integration framework helps Retaileo connect with various existing retail systems without the need for major builds. More importantly, Retaileo helps the retailer connect with the customer at the store level with necessary insights to help convert a sale and build customer loyalty – a must in the given competitive scenario with online retailers!

  • 20% revenue from improved stock keeping and inventory management, upselling and cross-selling